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The Real Meaning of Car Security Recorders

Date:2023-11-10 16:47:15

At present, the company's on-board video surveillance and recording equipment has been fully covered by the operating vehicles, as the company's first-line safety administrator, many drivers asked me for advice on the functions and uses of the relevant equipment, and at the same time, we also exchanged some views on the installation of on-board monitoring. In the conversation, I found that some drivers have a biased understanding of on-board monitoring, it is easy to understand the monitoring is only used to monitor the driver's operation, checking and punishing the driver's violation of the rules.

In fact, in-vehicle video is not a new thing for public transport. In the actual use of the process, it plays a small role. Here to tell you the benefits of monitoring video equipment:

to provide supporting evidence for the handling of traffic accidents

As traffic accidents may not occur at intersections, or for various reasons can not access the traffic police surveillance video, many road traffic accidents when there is a dispute, often because of the inability to prove that makes the accident qualitative responsibility is not in their favour. By accessing the video surveillance, with the accident scene photos, to help the traffic police to make an accurate judgement on the traffic accident.

to provide a basis for dealing with service complaints

The rapid development of public transport, passenger travel requirements are also improving, it is inevitable that some service complaints, however, a few passengers will distort the facts. I have encountered a peak flow of passengers to the back door of the driver to let passengers flow, but some passengers to "bad attitude" to blame the driver. With CCTV footage, the fleet can effectively reduce the time and effort invested in investigating and collecting evidence, and can respond to complaints with justification. The microphone in the car can collect sound data, which can enable us to identify whether the driver's attitude is good or not, so as to prevent the driver from suffering unnecessary grievances.

to contribute to the maintenance of public order

Public transport is a public utility, is to serve passengers, dedication to the community, the carriage fitted with a camera, it becomes a monitoring device, both inside and outside the carriage can provide the police with relevant video clues, for the maintenance of social security has played a better role in promoting. Fitted with on-board video surveillance of the bus rarely theft and other incidents, but also greatly deterred criminals.

Bus is a window of the city, let us work together to maintain the order of bus operations, and work together to create a safe and harmonious bus environment.

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