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Truck Security Monitoring System Solution

Date:2022-05-07 16:35:24

Truck Security Monitoring System Solution  

The major function of the truck solution:   

  Front-end vehicle monitoring system is an important part of the whole scheme, it is through the inside and outside of the car installed cameras to collect audio and video data, to achieve security without dead end monitoring;GPS tracking to achieve real-time locking the vehicles;And the time external car alarm switch,which can realize the alarm prompt (such as: alarm button, brake, door magnetic switch, etc.)

 With configuring the digital intercom,our intercom function can meet between the platform and single/multiple vehicles.With the ADAS sensor the camera can monitor the driver's fatigue state,to avoid traffic accidents (Or the temperature sensor for cold chain logistics vehicle,which can detect the temperature for carriage in time); The detect center can get the alarm of unnormal oil volume in time to avoid oil theft,after the oil sensor was installed.Our vehicle MDVR host is for audio and video, GPS, alarm data encoding,with SD card or HDD storage and 3G/4G wireless network reported to the server,to reach remote monitoring and management for the vehicle.

Fleet management system for truck

Flexible camera installation(according to the HD camera,we can surveillance overall carriage) :
1) Front view camera: dashcam function;
2) Driving camera:could standardize the driver's operation,avoid the theft and alarm;
3) Tank camera: Could monitoring the oil theft;
4) The outside camera:Could monitoring the car and found the lost items;
5) The inside camera:Could monitoring the situation inside the carriage;

6) The truck's camera:Could monitoring the goods avoid to lost;

7) The rear camera:Could viewing the road conditions and avoid the crash happened;

Truck security system solution

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