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Fuel Truck Safety Surveillance System Solution

Date:2022-05-07 15:36:42

   Fuel Truck Safety Surveillance System Solution

   A tank truck, gas truck, fuel truck, or tanker truck (United States usage) or tanker (United Kingdom usage), is a motor vehicle designed to carry liquids or gases on roads.The largest such vehicles are similar to railroad tank cars which are also designed to carry liquid loads. Many variants exist due to the wide variety of liquids that can be transported. Tank trucks tend to be large; they may be insulated or non-insulated; pressurized or non-pressurized; and designed for single or multiple loads (often by means of internal divisions in their tank).Some are semi-trailer trucks. They are difficult to drive and highly susceptible to rollover due to their high center of gravity, and potentially the free surface effect of liquids sloshing in a partially filled tank.

Tank Truck management system

    The major function of the Oil tank truck solution: A front-end vehicle monitoring system is an important part of the whole part,through the inside and outside cameras to collect audio and video data, to reach security without dead end monitoring; real-time locating of vehicles by GPS; External car alarm switch, can reach alarm prompt (such as: alarm button, brake, door magnetic switch, etc.);With the digital intercom, we can realize the intercom between the platform and single/multiple vehicles.With the ADAS sensor,we could monitoring whether the driver is fatigue driving,to avoid the traffic accidents;Through the vehicle MDVR host for audio and video, GPS, alarm data encoding,SD or HDD storage and 3G/4G wireless network reported to the server,to reach remote monitoring and management of the vehicle.

Flexible camera installation (Could monitoring the whole carriage) :

1) Front view camera:for the dashcam function;

2) Driving camera:for standardize the driver's operation,avoid the theft and alarm;

3) Oil tank camera:for monitor oil injection to prevent oil theft;

4) Oil outlet camera:for prevent oil theft;

5) Rear camera:for avoid the crash accident;

Tank truck solution

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