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Taxi Security Monitoring System Solution

Date:2022-05-07 14:44:46

Taxi Security Monitoring System Solution How to better integrate modern technology into taxis?

In taxi operation, how should we aviod some Risk factors:

  3G/4G vehicle intelligent monitoring system includes vehicle front-end monitoring,mobile communication network and server monitoring center.Advance, practical, expandable, reliable, safety, flexible design principles; Systematization,high efficiency and stability.

The front-end vehicle monitoring system is an important part,with the inside and outside camera  to collection audio and video data,and reach security without dead end monitoring for a taxi;With GPS to real-time locate the vehicles; Also the external car alarm switch (Alarm button, brakes, door magnetic switch, etc.), digital radio/pilot fatigue/navigation screen, LED advertising screen, the meter/evaluation, and other auxiliary equipment, with the on-board MDVR host audio and video, GPS, alarm, data coding,SD card or HDD storage and 3G / 4G wireless network report to the server,in order to remote monitoring and management of the vehicle.

Flexible Camera installation:

1) Front view camera:for dashcam function and monitoring;

2) Front driver camera:for standardize the driver's operation to avoid thefted and alarm;

3) Rear passenger seat camera: no dead end monitoring,in order to check the goods and found them;

4) Rear trunk camera:for trunk monitoring,checking and founding;

Taxi management system

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