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Bus Security Surveillance Management Solution

Date:2022-05-07 11:09:29

Bus Security Surveillance Management Solution from Sodimax

In order to better solve their management troubles for customers,we specially provide you with the following bus solution:

  The intelligent bus onboard terminal suite is installed on the bus to transmit data by 3G/4G or Wireless,and the intelligent bus monitoring system of the bus scheduling and monitoring platform is deployed at the back end. Bus onboard terminal suite including: on-board monitoring subsystem and on-board scheduling subsystem.Vehicle monitoring system include: Vehicle DVR host, monitoring camera, LCD navigation display, pickup,alarm and status display panel,fireproof storage box; The vehicle dispatching system including:bus intelligent dispatching screen,video number statistics instrument,in/outside speakers,bus card reader,dispatching mobile phone,LED information screen and media publishing screen. Which which can uplode collected data or download updated in a unified manner,for the center and generating operational statistics reports management.

  Bus scheduling monitoring platform by wireless network to realize control vehicle front-end systems,audio monitoring,GPS tracking,the line management,the scheduling,the voice intercom,alarm processing and other functions.Also,can upload the storage data,summary,generate background management reports,realization of maintenance management,line operation management and so on.

CCTV bus system

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